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KC2’s Top Tips to be a Better Neighbor

  • Attempt to resolve minor concerns with a friendly conversation before escalating and engaging the KC2 Board. These conversations are not easy and are awkward for everyone. So, when approached, take a pause, and remember each of our individual rights end where someone else's begin. A little courtesy and compromise will go a long way.

  • Do not allow your pets to roam freely throughout the subdivision and use others’ property to relieve themselves. The public areas are not pet bathrooms. When walking your dog, please carry and use a pooper scooper, bag and take responsibility for your pet and their trash. Never dispose of pet waste in our storm drains, it goes directly into the lake!

  • Drive slow through the sub. Nice weather brings more people outside. If children are present, there is no such thing as “too slow”.

  • Landscapers- As you engage Landscapers and minor construction projects, please remember, these items should be reviewed by the board ahead of time. Remind your contractors they are responsible for damage to the curbs, street, seal coat and common property.

  • Do not allow noisy pets to remain outside for long periods and especially not before 9 am or after 9 pm. 9 to 9 easy to remember and agreeable to most.

  • Help keep an eye on your neighbors’ house/property. Make a note of unfamiliar cars. Doorbell camera footage is priceless when a problem turns up. The Sheriff office welcomes your notice of these things, their non-emergency contact: (248) 858-4950, or

  • Trailers, RVs, boats, and recreational craft must be garaged or kept off site. A few days here and there for servicing is a generally accepted practice, but the long stay is unsightly, inconsistent with the by-laws and is widely unappreciated. This is one of the details that maintains KC2 as an area of beauty and distinction above other parts of our community.

  • Take in your trash and recycle containers on the same day as the pick-up. Finding an out of sight location (in your garage) to store them is greatly appreciated. Few things can bring down the general appearance of a neighborhood than trash cans and refuse on open display.

  • Keep all trees and shrubs near streets trimmed to improve vision & safety for drivers, walkers and bikers. Weeds and grass growing in the cracks and joints of the street not only takes away from the appearance, but also degrades the pavement. A few minutes with a bottle of Round Up once a month makes a world of difference!

  • Pride in the appearance of our neighborhood, comes one house at a time. Overall maintaining, updating and appearance of your house reflects on the value of all homes and is all of our collective best interest. Sharing contractor and project experiences has been a long-standing part of our culture. Feel free to ask your neighbors for input if you have a project in mind.

  • *Projects require Board approval and notification should be obtained before doing any exterior changes to your house or property, such as structural changes or alterations, decking, landscaping, painting etc.

  • If you have an upcoming special event planned at your house, giving your closest neighbors advanced notice is thoughtful. Please consider how you would like to be treated.

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